You will need to consider obtaining coverage for your motorcycle.  While you can easily add it to your personal auto policy, there might be a better way to provide protection due to numerous gaps in coverage since auto policies were not designed with motorcycles in mind.


Consider a specialized motorcycle insurance policy.  Here is why:


Personal Auto Policies provide physical damage which covers the auto, but not personal property.


Specific motorcycle policies are written to motorcycle-specific terms which eliminate confusion as to what is covered when a claim occurs.


Motorcycles are bound by the same coverages as your personal auto policy.  If a motorcycle owner wants, as an example, higher medical payments, he/she would be restricted if they have chosen to use their auto policy instead of a dedicated motorcycle policy.


Specific motorcycle policies can offer discounts only available on motorcycle insurance.  This can be as much as 10%.


Give us a call when you are getting ready to insure your motorcycle, and we will explore the best option(s) for your new wheels.


Source:  IRMI