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The Impact of Comorbidities on Workers' Compensation Programs

A comorbidity occurs when an individual experiences multiple health conditions at the same time. The presence of comorbidities within your workforce can carry significant consequences—such as an increase in both the overall cost and complexity of workers’ compensation claims. Review this guidance to learn more about how comorbidities can impact your workers’ compensation program, as well as what you can do to mitigate this concern. Read more.
Published 10/20/20

Work From Anywhere: Pros & Cons

Telework, or working from home, has risen steadily over the past several years, but it exploded amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some employees have even taken to working from anywhere (WFA), such as vacation destinations. This article provides an overview of WFA arrangements and their pros and cons. Read more.
Published 10/15/20

Time Tracking in the Time of COVID-19

Keeping track of employee productivity has always been important, but it’s even more significant in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article outlines an employer’s general time tracking responsibilities and offers some best practices to follow. Read more.
Published 10/07/20

Preparing for Flu Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, the 2020-21 flu season isn’t the only health crisis employers and employees have to address this year. The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the workforce, and the combination of another potentially bad flu season and the pandemic has public health experts worried. Learn more about preparing for flu season during the COVID-19 pandemic with this HR Insights article. Read more.
Published 10/05/20

School Reopening Considerations

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t disappeared, yet the country is eager to return to familiarity. Many businesses have already reopened, adapting illness-prevention protocols on the fly. This attitude of “reopen now” is spurring organizations to act swiftly or risk being left behind. But swiftness can be the enemy of sustainability, especially when there is little to no official guidance that standardizes reopening procedures. And this is especially problematic for schools. Read more.
Published 09/28/20

Keeping Your Household Safe as Children Return to In-person School During the Pandemic

As some children across the country return to school in- person during the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are wondering how they can keep their school-aged children—and everyone in their household—safe. Read more.
Published 09/22/20

COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations for Employers

The prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine is exciting to most, but also presents challenges for your clients, who may be considering whether vaccination will be encouraged or mandated. This article provides a general informational overview of considerations. Read more.
Published 09/22/20

Upholding an Employer’s Reputation With Employee Safety Initiatives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article explores how safety impacts an employer’s brand, reputation and recruiting efforts—and how to transparently highlight safety measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace with current and prospective employees and the general public. Read more.
Published 09/17/20

Bridging the Gap Between Remote and On-site Employees

This HR Insights article addresses ways to help employers bridge the gap between remote and on-site employees. Read more.
Published 09/17/20

The Benefits of Telematics for Commercial Fleets

This Risk Insights provides an overview of telematics and the benefits that this technology can provide for your organization. Read more.
Published 08/20/20

50 Quick Recipes You Can Make with Ingredients From the Garden

Making meals from your garden doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Check out these garden-fresh recipes that are great for entertaining! Read more.
Published 08/07/20

Portable Generator Safety

A portable generator is very handy to have during a power outage. A few safety tips to keep in mind are making sure it’s placed in a well-ventilated area, not overloading the generator and turning it off and letting it cool before refueling. Read more.
Published 08/06/20

Workers’ Compensation Changes for COVID-19

This Compliance Bulletin provides general information about COVID-19-related changes made to state workers' compensation laws and policies. Read more.
Published 07/14/20

In the Know: Application Deadline for Small Business Loans Extended

Congress has passed legislation to extend the application deadline for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan through Aug. 8, 2020. Prior to the extension, the deadline to apply for these funds was June 30, 2020. The extension enables eligible small businesses to apply for funding for five more weeks. Read more.
Published 07/13/20

Make a Splash this Summer!

If you plan on swimming or taking your boat out on the water this summer, keep safety in mind! Use these safety tips to keep you and your family safe on your boating excursions and summer activities. Read more.
Published 06/24/20

Live Well, Work Well

The Coronavirus and The New Normal Read more.
Published 06/22/20

OSHA Guidance on Returning to Work & Reopening Nonessential Businesses

On June 18, 2020, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released guidance to help employers plan how to reopen nonessential businesses. The guidance also addresses issues employers should consider as they ask their employees return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.
Published 06/22/20

Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID-19 Cases

Even as stay-at-home orders and restrictions are lifted, daily operations won’t be business-as-usual for many across the country. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is still going on, despite businesses reopening. Moreover, public health officials and experts are warning of a potential second wave of COVID-19 cases. Read more.
Published 06/18/20

Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli named to Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board

Clarkstown Councilman Frank Borelli will represent Rockland County on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's board, whose members decide train and other public transportation issues for commuters and counties in the downstate region. Read more.
Published 06/11/20

Preparing for Hurricane Season

From June through November, hurricanes are at their peak. During a hurricane, heavy rains and catastrophic winds barrel through coastal areas and can severely damage or destroy homes and businesses. The best way to minimize damage from a hurricane is to be prepared before one strikes. Read more.
Published 06/04/20

Handling the Influx of Remote Work Requests

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the merits and pitfalls of working remotely were often debated. As states went into lockdown to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, many workforces were forced to go online and quickly adapt to a remote-only work environment. Now, as the pandemic evolves and offices and worksites reopen, employers are likely to experience an influx of requests from employees to continue telecommuting. Read more.
Published 05/28/20

Reopening Workplaces During COVID-19

This chart is designed to help employers that are making decisions regarding reopening workplaces during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more.
Published 05/28/20

COVID-19 Reopening Considerations for Restaurants, Hair/ Nail Salons and Gyms/ Fitness Centers

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to close their doors for an extended period, several states across the country have officially begun implementing reopening measures, allowing some employers to resume operations. Read more.
Published 05/21/20

Common Household Products You Should NEVER Mix With Bleach

With Coronavirus wiping out shelves of cleaning supplies, it is important to know what can cause more harm than good while trying to keep your family safe. Read more.
Published 05/012/20

Coronavirus – Action Plans for General Industry, Retail, Construction and Manufacturing

As the states begin to open up operations, thoughts around action plans to do so safely are top of mind for most business owners and operators. Therefore, we have provided sample plans for a variety of industries. Read more.
Published 05/07/20

Return to Work Plans Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has interrupted many businesses across the country. While it’s unclear how long COVID-19 will continue to affect organizations, many employers are looking to the future of employees returning to work. Read more.
Published 04/30/20

Application Open Today: U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Save Small Business Fund

This Fund will provide assistance to small business owners impacted by the coronavirus through $5,000 grants to eligible small employers in the U.S. and its territories. Read more.
Published 04/21/20

Let D’Artagnan Deliver - Right to Your Door!

CLG is the proud agent and broker of property and casualty and employee benefits insurance to D’Artagnan Foods. They are currently offering new customers $25 off an order of $200 or more. We have attached information on how to access their website and information on their products. Read more.
Published 04/13/20

CARES Act - Small Business Loan Overview

Among other provisions, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides businesses suffering under the debilitating effects of the coronavirus pandemic with unprecedented access to emergency loans. This document will serve as an overview of the loan programs available. Read more.
Published 04/03/20

Flow Chart Analysis of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act

Flow Chart Analysis of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act Read more.
Published 04/01/20

Working From Home & Working For Our Truckers

John Sirabella, a top CLG producer, has continued to support his trucking clients through the COVID-19 pandemic from his home office. We are proud to have John on our team, and know his clients are in good hands. Keep on Trucking, John! Read more.
Published 03/26/20

New York State Disability - COVID-19 Claim Forms and Employee/Employer Sick Leave Notices

By the order of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, if an employee is under an order of mandatory or precautionary quarantine or isolation issued by the state of New York, the department of Health, local board of health, or any government entity duly authorized to issue such order due to COVID-19, Paid Family Leave and /or disability benefits may be available to them. As such, updated Paid Family Leave/Disability forms have been made available which will allow covered employees to file these claims for themselves, if quarantined, and /or if they need to care for quarantined child(ren) Read more.
Published 03/25/20

Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation is a unique nonprofit that unites the collective strengths of the insurance industry to help communities and enrich lives through grants, volunteer service and leadership. IICF has served as the philanthropic foundation of the insurance industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing $36 million in community grants along with 300,000 volunteer hours by more than 110,000 industry professionals.  IICF reinvests locally where funds are raised, serving hundreds of charities and nonprofit organizations, for maximum community impact. Read more.
Published 03/25/20

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Considerations in Response to Novel Coronavirus Read more.
Published 03/24/20

In The Loop

What does the new Coronavirus legislation mean for working Americans? // New York Paid Sick Leave Benefits for COVID-19 Read more.
Published 03/20/20

Live Well, Work Well

For guidance on how to plan and respond to COVID-19 Following the advice of public health officials can help stop the spread of COVID-19, but if you don’t take proper precautions, your mental well-being could suffer while you’re quarantining. Read more.
Published 03/20/20

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19

For guidance on how to plan and respond to COVID-19 Read more.
Published 03/09/20

Travelers Agency of The Year

Check out a photo of the CLG team, voted Travelers Agency of the Year. Read more.
Published 02/27/20

President of MDRT Foundation Named

Brian Tarpey was recently named the President of MDRT Foundation, an arm of the Million Dollar Round Table! The MDRT Foundation is the philanthropic arm of MDRT. Since its formation in 1959, the MDRT Foundation ... Read more.
Published 10/1/19

Corporate Honoree The Tarpey Group

As a provider for Spectrum360, Brian Tarpey and his team have been successful in assisting our organization for four years in making sure we have a comprehensive benefit plan at very competitive rates. The Tarpey Group has most recently helped Spectrum360 secure a grant from our health insurance provider to start a health and wellness initiative ... Read more.
Published 10/1/19

New President of PIA New York

Please join us in congratulating our friend and partner, John Tomassi on his being named President of the Professional Insurance Agents of New York. (PIANY). John was named at a meeting on September 13th at the PIANY headquarters in Glenmont, NY. ... Read more.
Published 9/30/19

Same Great People, New Great Locations

We are very excited to announce that two of the CLG locations will be moving to new office space. Effective October 1st, our Hauppauge, NY location will be relocating to Bay Shore, NY. Effective November 1st, our Nanuet, ... Read more.
Published 8/30/19

The Route: Phil's Unfinished Story

Distracted driving kills nine people each day, causing them to leave behind unfinished stories. ... Read more.
Published 7/22/19

The Stage: Shreya's Unfinished Story

Distracted driving claims the lives of nine people each day, causing them to leave behind unfinished stories. ... Read more.
Published 7/22/19