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We are here to make insurance easy - easy to understand and easy to buy. Whether it be car or home insurance, life or health insurance, we provide our clients with the excellent service and the latest in products and programs. Insurance is not just one size fits all; everyone is unique in their insurance needs. We want to take the time to get to know you, which allows us to create a portfolio of insurance products to protect you and your family.

Once your policies are issued, that is only the beginning – we pride ourselves on the outstanding client service we offer. In the event of a claim, we work as your advocate to ensure the claim is settled to your satisfaction.

Personal Insurance Solutions

Our team of professionals will meet with you to analyze your specific needs and customize a plan to fit you're unique personal or business situation. We provide a broad range of insurance products and risk management services.

Our personal insurance products include:

To properly protect yourself from the ever-present danger of huge awards for auto liability, it is imperative that you maintain the appropriate level of coverage for your situation. If you have any questions about the level of automobile coverage that's right for you, we have excellent plans available through reputable auto insurers, and we will be happy to pinpoint the coverage levels that best suit your needs.

Compulsory Auto Policy Coverages

  • Bodily Injury to Others
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Bodily Injury Caused by Uninsured Auto
  • Damage to Someone Else's Property

Optional Coverages

  • Optional Bodily Injury to Others
  • Medical Payments
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Towing and Labor
  • Bodily Injury Caused by an Underinsured Auto

Check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Kelley Blue Book for more information.

Contact us at one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today for more information about automobile insurance.  We are here to answer all your questions - and to provide the necessary information and guidance for you to make informed decisions about buying insurance.

There is nothing like being on the open water! However, what if something happened and you were involved in an accident?  That accident might be at sea, or on land while you are towing your boat or PWC.  Are you adequately protected?  We want our clients to be relaxed – knowing they have the insurance protection they need.

Policy Features

We have a several different programs available which can include roadside assistance, on water towing, total loss replacement, and more. We take the time to present you with options, explain the different types of coverage available, and discuss the policy limits that make sense for your unique situation. Regardless of the type of watercraft you have, be a “jet ski”, sailboat, fishing boat, house boat, or an entire fleet, we are here to help you with all your marine insurance needs.

Call one of our offices today in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, for your boating insurance needs.

It’s about more than just the car – it is a passion; you know every detail of your classic car.  You protect it from the rain and the sun, but do you have the right insurance protection to cover your pride and joy? We specialize in classic and collector cars with unparalleled service and knowledge. We understand the market and the importance of insuring your car for its true value. We also understand the importance of handling claims promptly and acting as an advocate for our clients in the event of a dispute. Remember, standard insurance may not be right for your collector car — protect your valuable asset with agreed-value collector car insurance.

Our programs can include:

  • Agreed-Value Coverage: In the event of a total loss, you are paid the full amount you've insured your vehicle for — without any depreciation.
  • Flexible Usage: Just select the mileage plan that works best for you.
  • Inflation Guard: Your vehicle's value is automatically increased each year.

Contact us at one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today to discuss how we can protect your classic car.

As an owner of a coastal property, you have special insurance needs and insuring your home can be confusing - partly because insurance companies differ in what they define as a “coastal” property.  Your home may be 2 miles inland, but the insurer may rate your home as coastal – leading to higher deductibles and/or increased premiums.  For example, even a 5% wind damage deductible can mean $25,000 out of pocket on a $500,000 home.

That is why it is important to work with an agency that can navigate the complex issues of insurance for coastal properties.  Also, because we are an independent agency, we represent many different insurance companies and, therefore, can match your needs with an insurance company that offers the right combination of coverage and price.  Our agents are part of the local community living and working in the coastal regions of Massachusetts.  Because we specialize in this area, we have access to many insurance programs that other agencies may not.

Insurance companies nationwide continue to deal with large losses and a tremendous amount of uncertainty.  The frequency and severity of coastal storms have made underwriting very difficult and insurers have become very conservative.  That does not mean you should settle for substandard insurance.  You do have a choice, and we are here to help present you with options.  We take the time to fully evaluate both your needs and your home to ensure you are getting the coverage that is the right fit for your situation.  It is important to be careful when choosing insurance, as some companies will sell policies with limited coverage leaving you vulnerable in the event of a claim. You may not even be aware of the limitations with these sub-standard policies until you file a claim.

Give us a call and speak to one of our coastal specialists who can get you the proper coastal property insurance protection at the best possible price in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York!

Insuring you condominium is different than buying coverage for a conventional house or a rental.  We understand the market for condominium owners and specialize in helping our clients with this type of coverage.  There are a number of different ways your association may be set up; that is why it is important for us to fully understand the coverage provided by the association and your personal situation.

We are able to provide coverage for owners in the following types of communities:

  • Condominium
  • Townhome
  • Cooperative
  • Planned Community

Contact one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today for a comprehensive review of your personal situation.

Disability insurance can help to replace a portion of your income when you are sick or injured and unable to work. Some people refer to disability insurance as “paycheck protection.”  Having adequate disability insurance can help provide a sense of security - knowing if the unexpected were to happen, you would still receive a regular income.

People are quick to insure their possessions, such as their home and car and also may have life insurance to protect their family in the event of their death.  However, do you know what your number one asset is - it is your ability to get up every day and earn a living.  If something were to happen and prevent you from being able to work, even for a short time, would it have an impact on your financial security?

Did you know that an illness or accident will keep approximately 20% of workers out of work for at least a year before they reach age 65?  And your chance of missing at least 90 days of work due to a disability is about one in three.

Think about the stress that would be created if you were disabled and not able to work. Having disability insurance could provide necessary replacement income, exactly when it is needed.

For more information about how to protect your income with disability insurance, contact us in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today.

You hire your neighbor’s child to baby sit or mow the lawn. Are they considered domestic employees and should you be concerned about insurance protection – in most cases no! However, in general, if you hire someone to work in your home, even if only on a part time basis, you may need insurance protection.

Contrary to what many people believe, your homeowners insurance will not protect you when you have “domestic employees.”

Examples of domestic employees include:

  • Body Guard
  • Driver
  • Estate Manager
  • Gardener
  • Housekeeper
  • Nanny
  • Nurse/Personal Care Assistant
  • Personal Chef

It is important to make sure you are fully protected.  Call us at one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, and we will provide a comprehensive risk profile to ensure you are adequately protected.

Earthquakes happen all around the country!  As a matter of fact, earthquakes have occurred in 39 states since 1990, and approximately 90% of US households live in areas considered seismically active.

Basic homeowners insurance does not cover earthquake damage; however, only a small percentage of people purchase this valuable type of coverage.  Even if you reside in an area where earthquakes are not common, you might benefit from having this protection.

The premium may be less than you think for the amount of coverage provided.  Contact us today at one of our convenient locations in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, to learn more.

As a collector, you might consider some items in your collection priceless.  However, if there were a theft or your priceless possessions were destroyed in a fire or other peril, having adequate insurance protection might be able to help you replace your fine collectables.

We are able to provide coverage for collectors in a number of areas including:

  • Art
  • Coins
  • Firearms
  • Furs
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Stamps
  • Wine

Our team of specialists can provide guidance on structuring coverage for all of your collectables.  Call them at one of our convenient offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York.

The damage caused to a home from water can be devastating; and in most cases, water damage is not covered by homeowners insurance. Flood and other water-related damage is a common exclusion in almost every home insurance policy.  What if your home had significant water damage and you did not have flood insurance?

Here are some facts to help you better understand how flood/water damage can affect you, and steps you can take to protect your property:

One definition of flood is “normally dry areas which have temporarily been covered in whole or in part by overflowing inland or tidal waters, rapid run off of surface waters (such as heavy rains), mud flows or slides, or waters present due to the collapse of shores.”

Whether you live near a body of water or not, every home lies in a flood zone and has the risk of experiencing a flood. Many flood related claims are miles from the nearest body of water.  Floods can be triggered by heavy rains, hurricanes, melting snow, and water backup – often from overloaded drainage systems, or dam failure.

While flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance, you can protect yourself with the purchase of a flood insurance policy from the government administered National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Flood policies are sold by independent insurance agents, while the rates are set by the NFIP.

If your community participates in the NFIP, you can buy flood insurance regardless of where your property is located, whether it is in a high or low flood risk area.

Flood insurance can be purchased for your building and contents. Newly issued flood policies have a 30-day waiting period, so don’t delay and wait for the next storm before deciding to purchase a policy.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information and let you know what flood zone your property is located in.  The destruction water can cause to your property is incredible – let us help you protect your home.

Coverage for mold and fungi is generally excluded from home insurance policies.  If your home is infested with mold, remediation can be very expensive.

Insurance companies generally consider mold damage to be a maintenance issue usually excluded in a standard home insurance policy. Mold caused by water from excessive humidity, condensation, or flooding is also excluded from coverage.  However, if the contamination is the result of a "covered peril," such as a burst pipe, you may be covered.

We have special insurance programs available which can extend coverage to mold and fungi.  Please contact us today to learn more about how this added layer of protection can give you peace of mind.

High value homes are generally categorized as those with a value in excess of $1 milliion.  For homes with this kind of value, sometimes standard homeowners insurance is not the ideal fit and doesn’t recognize the unique coverage needs of high value homeowners.  That is why it is important to work with an agency specializing in this type of coverage.

In addition to standard homeowner's insurance coverage, we are able to offer our high value homeowner clients additional coverages including:

  • Property Insurance - Extended dwelling replacement value as well as “all risk” coverage
  • Contents - Covered at replacement cost.
  • Enhanced coverage – For collectables including art, computers, jewelry, furs, silverware, guns, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage - For living expenses if your home is damaged.
  • Personal Liability - Increased limits of liability and encompassing umbrella liability protection.  In addition, coverage for domestic employees is available as well as for use of golf carts
  • Identity Theft Insurance - Many of our insurance companies now include coverage for losses due to identity theft.

There are limitations on who can qualify for this specialty program.  Generally, clients and their homes need to meet the following criteria:

  • Owner occupied single family home
  • No prior bankruptcies, tax, or credit liens.
  • Replacement cost value of the home must be at least $300,000.
  • Above average credit score.
  • No more than 2 non-weather related claims
  • Home may not be more than 20 years old

Contact one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppague, New York, today to learn more about our specialty programs specifically for the owners of high value homes.

Homeowners insurance provides coverage in the event of damage to your property, as well as liability for injuries and damage you cause to other people. Homeowners insurance policies provide broad coverage for losses to your home, your personal belongings and also for detached structures on your property. It also provides protection in the event of an injury to people on your property. While homeowners insurance is comprehensive coverage, there are some things it does not cover.  That is why we take the time to get to know our clients, to understand their needs, and then we can craft a comprehensive risk management program for them.  The foundation for most people is a comprehensive homeowners policy.

Homeowners insurance highlights:

  • Your home: should be insured for an amount based on the replacement cost value of your property. Replacement cost is what it would cost today to rebuild your house in the event of a loss and based on current building codes. There usually is a deductible, which is an amount you would be responsible for before the policy starts to pay out.
  • Personal property: policies automatically provide a separate amount to cover your personal belongings, however there is a deductible. We suggest that our clients create a home inventory.  In the event of a claim it will make it much easier to document your loss and make the claims process much easier.
  • Personal Liability: if you are legally responsible for an injury to a guest or for damage you cause to another person’s property, the personal liability section of your policy can provide important protection.
  • Other structures: basic coverage is included for any detached structures on your property.  Examples include sheds, garages or fences. There are specific limits on the amount of coverage available for these types of structures depending on the amount of coverage for the home itself.
  • Loss of use of home: if your home were to become uninhabitable, your policy can provide valuable benefits to help you with additional living expenses.

Contact us and one of our specialists in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, will be happy to assist you.  We take the time to understand your unique situation in order to provide you with an insurance program that meets your specific needs.

Here are some useful resources to help prepare you for severe weather.

Emergency Hurricane Preparedness For Business

Homeowners - Are You Prepared?

You apply for a credit card.  You are turned down because of a low credit score, yet you know you've always paid your accounts on time. A debt collector calls, demanding payment on a six-month overdue account for a credit card you have never had. You receive a credit card in the mail that you never applied for. What's happening? You might be the victim of identity theft. An impostor may be using your personal information to obtain credit.

Yes, you can insure against identity theft generally for a small premium.  The coverage cannot protect you from becoming a victim of ID theft, but it can provide you with coverage for the cost of reclaiming your financial identity - such as hiring an attorney, making phone calls, and lost wages. Your direct monetary losses incurred as a result of that theft are not generally insured. Most ID theft policies have coverage limits of $10,000 to $15,000.

Contact us at one of our convenient offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today to find out more about this valuable coverage.

Did you know that your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy probably does not provide full coverage for things such as your engagement and wedding rings as well as other fine jewelry? Homeowners insurance generally covers jewelry theft, but not if the loss is for other reasons.

Renter's and homeowner's insurance policies have limits for the losses of certain types of property, including jewelry. Policies generally have a limit; for example, $1,000 for jewelry theft.

We can provide an additional layer of insurance protection for your jewelry.  We will take the time to understand your needs and then make recommendations as to the type of coverage appropriate to your unique situation.

Contact us at one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppague, New York, today for more information.

How much life insurance do you need?

There are a number of factors to consider in determining how much life insurance could be appropriate for you including:

  • Who depends on you for their well being?
  • How much do you earn yearly? One rule of thumb is to think in terms of insurance coverage representing 5 to 7 times your annual earnings, after taxes. That way those left behind will be supported while they get back on their feet.
  • What debts do you have? If they can be paid off with life insurance proceeds, it can take a burden off your family.
  • How close are you to retirement? Generally, the closer you are to retirement the less life insurance you might need.

Some other factors to consider: whether your spouse is working, whether you want to provide college funding for your children, or possible estate taxes. We take the time to understand your needs and determine the amount of insurance appropriate for your unique situation. We then can recommend different insurance product options to fit both your needs and your budget.

Call us at one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today to find out more about this valuable protection benefit.

Long Term Care Insurance can help protect you, as well as those you love, in the event that extended health care is needed.

Long Term Care Insurance can provide funds to help cover:

  • Daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing
  • Skilled nursing care or rehabilitation training either in a nursing facility or at home
  • Cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's

Misconceptions about long term care expenses:

  • Many people are under the impression that Medicare, Medicaid, or their health insurance will pay their Long Term Care costs.  Medicare has eligibility requirements for skilled nursing care and is only for a limited time period.
  • Medicaid is a welfare program. It will not cover long term health care costs for the average recipient.
  • Health insurance and medical supplements do not cover nursing home care.
  • Individuals and families through their savings, assets, and cash pay most  Long Term Care costs.

We want to make the Long Term Care Insurance evaluation process simple.  Our agents in Nanuet, Ciifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, are poised to help you understand the different options and provide you choices from a number of different companies we represent.

Medicare -- just the thought drives you crazy. You have so many questions and concerns, but where do you turn? At CLG Insurance we have partnered with The Tarpey Group to assist you with your Medicare needs. Spend less time and enjoy your life and leave the Medicare details to us.

What Clients Say:

Selecting the correct Medicare supplement plan, along with a prescription plan, was one of the most baffling things we have attempted. Cancelling the old plan, comparing costs, benefits, deductibles, coverage, etc. was overwhelming.

Which is why we cannot praise the professional, patient efforts of Bob Wasky enough. He worked with us to clearly explain the options, guided us to the proper decisions, steered us through the tedious, complex paperwork, and always quickly responded to the many questions we had during the process.

I have referred Bob to my friends without reservation, and heartily recommend his services to anyone facing the intricate world of enrolling in Medicare.

JH, New York, New York

Thank you so much for working with me to find the right supplemental insurance. I found you very educated in helping me with Medicare and answering all the questions I had for you. I was very pleased with the process on finding me the correct supplemental insurance that was right for me and my budget and helping me with the application so I had to do very little on my part. Thank you again

BG Rochelle Park. NJ

To provide an overview of their program, click on the video below. Then if you have any questions, contact Robert Wasky.

Robert Wasky, CLU, MBA
The Tarpey Group

What is your ride – cruiser, sport bike, touring bike, standard, or custom?  No matter the type of ride, we offer insurance to protect you and your bike.  There is nothing like that carefree feeling of riding down the open road.  However, are you adequately protected with the right type of insurance coverage?

We take the time to understand your needs.  We want to know what type of other coverages you have and make sure all of your insurance is integrated to provide a full layer of protection.

We will build a customized program to fit your specific needs.  We take the time to explain the different types of coverages and the limits including comprehensive and collision coverage, loss settlement options, medical payments, bodily injury and property damage liability.

Property damage liability and bodily injury liability—are automatically part of any motorcycle policy you buy.  Property damage liability coverage provides protection for the repair or replacement of another motorist’s vehicle or property, including vehicles, homes, or other structures.  Bodily injury liability coverage helps pay for medical costs, loss of income, and funeral expenses of other people involved in an accident.

Contact us in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, for a review of your personal situation.

Do you have a Class A, Class C, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer?  Regardless of the type of RV you have, we have the specialized type of insurance to provide you with the protection you need.

We specialize in helping RV owners with their insurance.  As an independent insurance agency, we represent a number of different insurance companies.  We are able to match your needs with a company that provides the right combination of coverage and price.  So regardless of the type of RV you have, let us evaluate your needs and provide you with a custom designed insurance solution for you.

Contact us at one of our convenient offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today to find out more.

Renters insurance is designed to protect you against damage or loss of personal property when you rent an apartment, condo, or home. Your landlord may have coverage to protect the actual structure in which you live, but that insurance does not cover your personal belongings. Also, you need to make sure your liability is protected as well.

You can be sued, even as a renter, and whether or not they win, fighting that suit could cause you financial hardship. We offer many options for renters insurance with various coverage options.

Contact us in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today to find out more.

It is so exciting for a teen to get their license.  New found freedom – but of course with that freedom comes tremendous responsibility.  One responsibility is to make sure they have insurance – as it is illegal to drive without it.  Insurance rates are based on probability, and unfortunately there is a much greater probability of a newly licensed teen driver getting into an accident than other age groups.  Statistically, the risk of crash per mile driven is three times higher for 16-19 year olds than for drivers age 65-69!  There are many other factors that go into the cost of insurance; for example, the type of vehicle being driven, how many miles are driven and the type of driving.  That is why it is best to speak to us about your teens, so we can work with you to ensure you have the right level of protection at the best price.

Here are some things to consider that affect Teen Drivers Insurance Rates:

  • One policy for the family – It is generally much less expensive to add a teenager to their parents’ policy, rather than having their own insurance policy. Most companies will not charge an additional premium until the teen is licensed.  Once licensed, the insurance company needs to be informed of the licensure so they can be added to the policy.
  • Good grades make a difference - Most insurers offer a discount – up to 25% – for students who get good grades in school.
  • Driver training – A driver’s education program, whether offered through the teen’s school or through a private company is usually a good idea.  Successful completion of these kind of programs generally lead to a discount on insurance premiums, often by 10% or more.
  • Drinking and driving – Unfortunately this is a major problem – and while the legal drinking limit is 21, the reality is for teen drivers drinking and driving is a major problem.  The consequences can be serious – deadly serious.  Even if no one is hurt, a DUI ticket can be very costly – possible loss of license, fines, court costs and an increase in insurance premiums.  Many times a DUI will lead to coverage cancellation upon renewal.  If you can get coverage, the rates will be higher for three to five years or more.
  • Accidents and tickets – Accidents and tickets also can lead to increased premiums and the possibility of non-renewal of policies.
  • Your ride makes a difference- some vehicles are more insurance friendly than others.  Pairing a teen driver with a high performance vehicle can result in much higher premiums than a “grandpa” car.  Also vehicles that are a favorite of thieves, or are expensive to repair, will cost more to insure. You may want to contact us before you purchase a vehicle to find out how it will affect your insurance premiums.   And don’t automatically assume an old vehicle is the best insurance bet. Newer makes and models are designed to be safer with more safety equipment and discounts may be available. Check out this link for information on vehicle safety ratings.

We will design an insurance program that best fits your needs.  Just let us know of upcoming changes including the licensure of your teen driver.

We are a litigious society – there are more and more lawsuits filed every year. In record numbers, people are awarded larger judgments than ever before.

Are your insurance liability limits sufficient to protect your assets and future earnings in the event of a lawsuit? We highly recommend looking into a Personal Excess Liability (Umbrella) policy. This type of policy is an extra layer of liability coverage above and beyond your automobile, homeowners, motorcycle, or boat policy. Should you be liable for someone’s injuries or damages, and your primary policy’s limit runs out, an umbrella can offer additional protection, often a million dollars or more of protection.

Certain exposures, such as swimming pools, trampolines, or inexperienced drivers make a very compelling case to add an umbrella policy. This coverage can often be added for a very reasonable price. While it seems ridiculous, here's is an example of financial exposure: A group of high school students were partying one night when they decided to jump the neighbors fence and use their swimming pool. One of the boys dove into the pool while impaired by alcohol and broke his neck. Although the owners of the pool were not present, their homeowners’ policy paid the limit of $250,000, and their umbrella paid a full $1 million settlement. By purchasing an umbrella policy, the pool owners were able to avoid financial ruin.  Anytime an injury occurs on your property, you could be held liable.

Protect yourself and your assets with umbrella coverage. Contact us at one of our location offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, for more information.

You vacation home is your getaway, a great place to relax and unwind.  You certainly don’t want to have to worry about whether your home away from home is adequately protected.  We specialize in helping our clients with vacation homes with their insurance protection. Generally vacation home insurance costs more than primary residence insurance. This is primarily because vacation homes are often unoccupied and a vacant house represents a higher risk.

Some considerations when it comes to insurance for your second home:

  • Bundling can save you money:  You will generally get better pricing if you “bundle” your insurance on your vacation home with the insurance protection on your main residence. In many cases this can mean a savings of up to 5 or 10 percent. If you own multiple properties ask us about "package policies," which are designed to handle multiple residences, your cars, boats as well as umbrella liability coverage.
  • Condos: Many second homes, especially if they are located in a resort area are condominiums. From an insurance standpoint the master policy of the homeowners association generally covers many of the risks.  However, you are generally responsible for your unit and its contents as well as liability for accidents inside of your unit.  We are happy to further explain specialized protection for condos.
  • Renting your second home: Many second home owners choose to rent their properties out, either short term, or for extended periods of time.  It is important to note that this may increase the premium on your insurance.  The reason is having strangers in your home creates a higher risk than having owners there.  On the flip side, having the property occupied is often better from a risk standpoint than having a vacant property.  That is why it is important to discuss your individual situation with us, so that we can provide the right protection for you.

We take the time to review your entire situation and take a holistic look, reviewing all your insurance programs to ensure you are adequately protected, without having duplicate coverage. Contact us at our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, today for a review of your situation.

What if there was a back up of your drain system – would your insurance cover the damage?

Spring and fall tend to be the wettest seasons, making homes more susceptible to the backup of drain lines. And if there is a backup the damage caused can be substantial.  However, did you know a standard homeowner's insurance policy excludes coverage for damage of drain back ups or if a sump pump fails?  If you have a finished basement, your basement is used for storage, or if your mechanical systems are located in the basement, you should strongly consider this additional layer of protection.

Be sure to ask us about this protection; it can often be purchased as an endorsement to your exiting coverage or on its own.

We have a simple mission - to help our clients make sound investments and to manage those investments over the long term to achieve their financial goals.

Investing can be confusing, especially if you try and do it alone.  You are constantly being bombarded with confusing, and often misleading messages about investments and financial planning. The recent economic climate has left many investors confused and anxious about how their money should be invested.  For many people, no area is more challenging, stressful or worrisome than finances.

We work closely with our clients to create an individualized plan.  A plan that takes into account their goals and aspirations - coupled with their propensity for risk.

If you are looking for an experienced team to help you simplify your life and plan for the future, we are here to help you with professional services and individualized guidance.

Call one of our offices in Nanuet, Clifton Park, or Hauppauge, New York, to find out more.

Your day – without worries!

Wedding insurance helps make things right - even when something goes wrong.

You’ve always dreamed of planning the perfect wedding, but no matter how carefully you plan, there are many things that can go wrong – things that are beyond your control.

What if your reception venue goes out of business a month before the wedding, and you lose your deposit and have to find another location? Or a hurricane causes your wedding to be postponed? What if your bridal shop closes, leaving you without a gown?

A wedding is an investment, and with the current expense of weddings, insurance is needed more than ever. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car without insuring it against damage.

For as little as $160, your wedding insurance policy can cover a variety of situations, such as:

  • No Dress - You can get repair or replacement cost if the bride’s wedding gown or groom’s tuxedo is lost or damaged.
  • Lost Deposits - We can reimburse your deposit if a vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy before your wedding, or simply fails to show up.
  • Lost Rings - You can receive repair or replacement cost if the bride or groom’s wedding bands are lost or damaged.
  • Severe Weather - If severe weather forces you to postpone your wedding, we can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Transportation Shutdown - If you have to postpone the wedding because a commercial transportation shutdown prevents the bride, groom, or their parents from getting there, you can receive reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Ruined Photos - If your photographer’s film is defective, or negatives are lost or damaged, we can help cover the cost to re-take new photos.
  • Call to Duty - If the bride or groom is unexpectedly called up to active duty, or has her or his military service leave revoked, forcing you to postpone the event, we can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Damaged Gifts - You can get repair or replacement cost if your wedding gifts are damaged.
  • Sudden Illness - If the wedding needs to be postponed because sudden illness prevents the bride, groom, or their parents from attending, you can receive reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Venue Requires Insurance - As an additional option to your policy, you can add liability coverage to protect yourself in case a guest is injured or causes damage to property.
  • Liquor Liability - As an individual liability option to your policy, you can add this coverage to protect yourself against liability arising from alcohol-related occurrences (subject to policy conditions and exclusions).
  • Additional Expense - If a vendor suddenly becomes unavailable for your event but you can find a last-minute replacement, we can reimburse you for the difference in cost.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to buying insurance – the types of options available, how much protection you need, and what represents a fair price. Contact us today about the Wedding Protector Plan, for a wedding day without worries.